Confidentiality at South Park

At South Park Medical Practice we are mindful of our patients' privacy and all members of staff have a legal duty to ensure that all patient information remains confidential.
Whilst all registered patients' basic details are recorded at the NHS Central Register for England and Wales, any clinical details are kept at your own GP surgery and anyone who receives patient information is under legal obligation to maintain confidentiality. 

You have the right of access to your health records, however, please be aware that, as a result of the data protection act, we are unable to discuss the care of your family or relatives without having received their consent. 

When asking for your information we are seeking to ensure that you receive proper care and treatment. This information is kept with the details of your care in the interest of any future treatment that you may receive.
It is possible that some information may be used in instances such as:

  • Ensuring the safety and protecting the general health of the public
  • Improving the efficiency of the NHS
  • Education/Training of staff
  • Medical or Health Research

Should you wish to speak to a member of staff regarding how we use your information, you may do so at any time.