Patient Group Minutes and Newsletters

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PPG Minutes

Minutes of South Park PPG meeting. - 30th September 2020. Via Zoom

In attendance. Jo Peters, Lucy Gladdish , Colin Harvey

Apologies Jenny Elliott, Lesley Harvey, Nicky Sherning, Ertan Ali Faik


1. Minutes of the last meeting.

It was clarified that when doctors ask receptionists to arrange  blood test appointments that they ensure the receptionists book the appointments according to any special timing or fasting requirements  and advise these to patients. Patients are reminded to also take their NHS number with them when going for a blood test.


2. Flu vaccinations

Flu clinics will start on Tuesday 6th October and will be arranges on a walk- through basis and marshalled from the car-park through the surgery on a safe social distance basis. For some clinics two nurses will be vaccinating on either side of the building.

Patients with underlying conditions which put them at rise will be given priority and are urged to phone reception to make an appointment.

It is important that if you cannot attend an appointment adequate notice is given to ensure the time slot can be given to someone else.


3. E-consult

E consult is an online interface with the Practice which allows patients to obtain information on specific problems out of normal working hours. Patients can also request specific requests such as doctor and nurse appointments and the practice will respond by 6 pm the following day or by that time on Monday following a weekend. This system is in place of another system called Doctor Link which is being used in other areas of Kent and Medway.

Patients are encouraged to visit the E-consult site.


4. Sevenoaks minor injuries unit

The Sevenoaks minor injuries unit will continue to operate for the next six months but although it is a highly valued local resource, questions are again being asked about its long term future.


5. Stroke services.

The reorganisation of urgent stroke care has finally been agreed and reorganisation and building plans are starting. Sevenoaks will be served by acute stroke service units at Maidstone and Darenth.


6. Practice update

An associate physician has joined the practice and will undertake much of the routine review and screening work.


7. The PPG

Although the meeting had a very limited attendance the role of the PPG was briefly revised and it was felt that the current format of raising patient concerns , making suggestions and providing feedback to the Practice was working well although it would useful if more patients participated either directly or indirectly.


8. Date of next meeting

The next PPG meeting is planned for Wednesday 25th November at 1pm,

In preparation for this Colin and Jo will try out using Microsoft teams as an alternative medium to Zoom .