Patient Group Minutes 

The minutes of the Patient Group meetings are below.


PPG Minutes


1. Minutes of the last meeting.

Minutes of South Park PPG 23rd November 2021


Jo Peters, Lesley Harvey, Jenny Elliot, Nicky Sherning, Ertain Ali Faik, Mike Mellish, Rose Bates, Colin Harvey.


Lucy Gladdish.

The names of the new long- term locums have still to be added to the website.

The new telephone upgrade which advises callers where they are in the queue has yet to be installed.


2. Covid &Flu vaccinations update

In contrast to a number of other practices, South Park was very quick at administering the booster programme for elderly patients and it must be commended for this.

A number of over 60 patients have not been in for flu vaccination and this is causing additional work for the Practice to try and get them to have it.

The Practice is not involved in the vaccination of younger adults for Covid and those under 50 should arrange to get their jabs via the NHS system or local pharmacies.

There are no South Park patients who have contracted Covid and required hospitalisation.


3. Practice Update

There has been increased patient demand across the Practice and this is causing longer waiting times and difficulties in getting appointments. Unfortunately this has also been accompanied with some cases of abuse and rudeness to staff which is very regrettable and will not be tolerated.


4. Clarification on fasting for blood tests

Many patients are not clear when fasting for blood tests is required. For example, it no longer seems necessary for cholesterol tests. Jo will seek clarification and report back to the next meeting.


5. Text response for delayed/cancelled telephone appointments

Jo was asked to investigate the possibility of patients getting a text message when planned telephone appointments are cancelled or delayed due to higher priorities.


6. Progress on the Sevenoaks Primary Care Network (PCN)

Considerable new resource is being included in the PCN which South Park has access to.

This includes physiotherapy, clinical pharmacy, diabetes control, fertility services, social care and nursing. A PCN manager has been appointed. The ability to offer GP appointments in the evenings and very limited weekend access with a GP in the area is also available. These changes are all designed to free up time for the GPs. Access to all of these facilities will be directed via individual practice reception.

The Sevenoaks computer systems are being upgraded so that an individual patient’s medical records can been seen by a GP from another practice.


7. Developments on computer systems

Jo was asked to advise on a new computer app which now appears on the practice website called medication assist.

The practice website was discussed and it is in need of an extensive update e.g. the last PPG minutes are shown as Sept 2020 and limited staff updates have been included.

There appear to be difficulties with the website provider and it is hoped these can be resolved before the next meeting.


8. Any other business

A consultation on a proposed reorganisation of cardiac services between Pembury and Maidstone hospitals has been issued with a closing date for comments by 14th January. The proposed reorganisation would still allow for specialist cardiac treatment at both hospitals but would centre the more advanced treatment at Maidstone with 24 hour onsite consultant presence including weekends.

The PPG will put a view forward which understands the need for the changes but would like to be assured that the logic of not putting the centre of excellence at Pembury due to financial and contractual considerations does not imply that Pembury is barred from future development.

We would also like to understand the part which Princes Royal Farnborough Hospital plays in the situation.

The date of the next meeting is Wednesday 16th February 2022 at 1pm