Patient Group Minutes 

The minutes of the Patient Group meetings are below.


PPG Minutes

Minutes of south Park PPG 18th June 2022


Jo Peters, Jenny Elliot, Ertain Ali Fiak, Rose Bates, Lucy Gladdish, Colin Harvey


Lesley Harvey, Nicky Sherning, Mike Mellish

1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The new telephone system is working well and it was confirmed that all patients in the queue up until the appointed closing time are answered at lunch time and in the evening before the system closes.

2. Practice Update

There have been no recent staff changes and the practice has no unfilled job vacancies.

The flu vaccine programme for this year will start in the first week of October. If there is to be a Covid booster programme then designated patients will be offered this at the same time as the flu vaccine.

The plan is that for all patients receiving text alerts a standard message will be sent out and patients will be able to book their appointment at the Practice on-line.

Jo asked if any of the PPG would offer to undertake some light gardening at the Practice. Ertain has offered to do this and will advise other PPG members if he needs any help.

Ana, the new clinical pharmacist works at the Practice on Mondays and Tuesdays.

3. Website.

The PPG review of the website has confirmed that it is effective and fit for purpose but requires regular updating in a number of areas. This information has been passed to Jo and many updates have already been implemented.

Angela will continue to update the website on a continuous basis and act as the focal point for this. Jo will advise when the current identified changes have been implemented.

The PPG will collectively also continue to advise on possible additions/ updates and Rose will undertake an overview role for this.

Once all identified updates and changes have been made the PPG will revisit the website and offer thought on whether any layout changes are considered worthwhile.

4. Access to Patients records.

The NHS programme for allowing Patient record access has been pushed back until July.

From this date patients should be able to access all details on future consultations, blood test results and medications.

Past records can be obtained as paper copies on request, some practices already offer this information electronically and the question was raised as to why this is not the case at South Park.

5. Patient complaints/ comments

This topic will now become a regular item for the PPG.

Since the last meeting (and as previously) there have been very few issues brought forward by patients.

6. APEX system for reviewing access to primary care at individual practices.

A study has been made looking at how demand for services  at practices is matched by availability. South Park was shown to have a favourable match for access to services for patients and the Apex system will not be continued at our Practice. This is a very encouraging indication that patients are getting a good service at South Park during continuing difficult times following the covid crisis.

7 Any other Business

A number of concerns have been aired over the abrupt service from some of the staff at Paydens Sevenoaks and problems with prescriptions not being prepared fully and in a timely manner. It was agreed that this would be monitored and if necessary contact made with Paydens over this matter.

The next PPG meeting will be held at on Wednesday 7TH September.

Copies of minutes for previous PPG are available, please ask at Reception.

Last updated 8th June 2022